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The world of assurance has evolved over the years. Assurance has gone beyond financial statement assurance, it includes Internal Control system review, compliance reporting, forensic audit and investigations and fiduciary agency service.

At First Bond, our assurance team apply assurance to all information ranging from governance, managements, transactions and investment, we provide our client with assurance on non-financial information. This helps management to remain confidence with regards to decision they make. We ensure our clients information in the financial statement present a true and fair view and Internal Control system as established by management are working as expected. As Assurance is key to sustaining confidence of a company, we approach our assurance review with a deep and broad understanding of your business, the industry you are in and the regulatory policies governing the industry. You can count on us to give u a true picture of your organisation.


The one thing constant in any industry is change. Changing regulations and increased complexity amplify the need for business leaders to monitor their objectives and strategies to maintain relevance. To value risks appropriately, an effective risk assessment becomes vital to understanding the potential hindrances to achieving your business objectives. A robust risk assessment should be aligned to business decision making, providing a mechanism to present timely and appropriate risk information to management.

At First Bond our Risk Assessment Management Team helps manage risk through a variety of ways, including establishing an Enterprise Risk Management program to performing a comprehensive risk assessment with robust reporting and carry out due diligence/ agreed upon procedures. The information gathered is used to evaluate the organizations risk appetite, provides a clear understanding of the risks that may prohibit achieving strategic business priorities.

First Bond provides you with a comprehensive Solution. We can help you identify, evaluate, prioritize, and mitigate your organization’s most significant risks. Our extensive knowledge and expertise, coupled with our integrated and collaborative approach, allows us to help you accurately assess your risks. The First Bond risk assessment process assists you in identifying and mitigating significant risk exposures by aligning and focusing resources appropriately. We are a qualified provider that will complement your in-house knowledge and expertise with our understanding and experience about risks and internal controls, consistent with the goals of your organization.

Once the information is gathered and evaluated, internal audit areas within the risk universe are scored based on factors including strategic impact, control maturity, process complexity, prior audits and management concern. The top risk items are then considered for potential addition to an annual audit plan. Contact us today.

Finance services

Finance services involves the preparation of company financials statement and reporting to stakeholders on the affairs of the company for the period. It also involves ensuring that all necessary activities that have occur during the year both qualitative and quantitative are reported in the financial statement to enable management take valuable decisions on the affairs of the company and strategies for the continuous achievement of the company’s objectives. Preparing Financial Statements, will help improve efficiency, save cost as needed, enable a company to access credit facility and ensure controls are working effectively.

At First bond, Our Finance Service Team work with you to prepare your monthly and year-end financial statements account for annual reporting according to International acceptable accounting standards. We also act as corporate accountant for small business and medium scale enterprises working to prepare management accounts for management decision making purpose. Our Team are specialized in International Financial Reporting Standard and IPSAS Accounting and you can leverage on our experience in ensuring that your financial statement reporting is timely prepared to meet statutory deadlines and national disclosure requirements. Contact us today.

Tax Services

The tax world is changing, whether you are an individual or business owner, First Bond Tax Service Team are your go-to expert tax provider. Our Tax Services Team offers services in personal, corporation, partnership, small business tax preparation services and Government tax revenue collection services. Our Team are constantly keeping up to date on the latest tax codes and regulations, blending local country technical knowledge with appropriate regional and global insight on the latest developments in tax policy, legislation and administration.

We help you prepare and file your taxes from beginning to end. We will determine any tax liabilities, deductions, or credits that you qualify for to help you file your taxes in the smartest way. From the time that tax season begins in late January to the last day to file in March, we are only a phone call away to assist you with any tax-related needs that you may have. We’re here to help you get the most out of your individual and small business tax returns.

First Bond offers leadership in all tax disciplines, including pioneer tax status, and tax-related issues associated with human capital and compliance and reporting. Let us help you take advantage of tax benefits you rightly deserve. Schedule an appointment today

Revenue collection

Revenue collection agencies provide services to business owners looking to collect money due from customers. Almost every company in existence has experienced providing their services or products to multiple non-paying customers over the years. Lying customers such as these are especially frustrating and downgrading for a company, not to mention potentially dangerous to a business’s success. This is where a collection agency comes in.

At first Bond, Our Revenue collection service team goal is to enhance the collection of your business revenue through the application of appropriate technology to mitigate and eliminate leakages. We specialize in the collection of rental revenue and government revenue. we offer Enterprise level revenue collection solutions for frequent recoveries. First Bond solutions are designed to improve profitability and reduce financial risk and allow for greater compliance than ever. We offer intelligent processing and advanced analyses arrive at foolproof, secure revenue targets. We are at the center of public service and more and more estate management and utility companies are choosing our revenue collection solutions ever. 

Keeping clients informed is vital to our company. We provide monthly records and statements, we also offer customized reports to fit the needs of each and every client. Reports can be sent in any format requested – for example: spreadsheet, Word document, or pdf. Reporting frequency and delivery method can also be customized.

Our standard policy is: All payments collected between the 1st and 15th of any month are processed on the 1st through the 5th of the following month. All payments collected between the 16th and 31st of each month are processed between the 16th and the 20th of the following month. Contact us today for your revenue collection services.

Debt Recovery Services

There is no single reason why an invoice/debt may remain unpaid. Recovering overdue invoices and debt and retaining positive relationship with your clients and customers is a very challenging job.

At First Bond, our consumer and corporate debt recovery team help you promote and retain positive working relationships with your customers by providing non-contentious solutions through our amicable consumer and commercial debt collection services. All our processes are designed to maximize liquidity in a manner which promotes positive customer outcomes. Our approach to customer and corporate debt recovery are underpins by treating customers fairly. We believe that this approach is not only fair, but ultimately achieves far better results for all parties.

First Bond take compliance with regulations very seriously. In addition to all of the mandatory requirements, we have acquired many enhanced standards. Whether they are sector specific such ISO9001 or general applicability like ISO27001 they all serve to enhance the quality of our service.

We act for a broad range of clients, including small to medium sized enterprises, multinational corporations, banks and Government agencies, all of whom appreciate our professionalism and quality of service. Our debt recovery team has many years’ experience in reclaiming debt successfully for clients. In addition to this, we also provide other services such as tracing, utility management. By simply outsourcing the debt recovery process to us, it enables you to carry on with your business without much worries.

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